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Why Learn Software Testing?

A career in software testing offers a wealth of rewards. As the demand for skilled QA engineers continues to increase, it has become a highly sought-after field. Not only is it a stable and dynamic career choice, it also offers the potential for high compensation. If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career, software testing is definitely worth considering.

6 Reasons Why a Career in QA So Great

High earning potential

QA Automation professionals are in high demand, and often have high earning potential as a result.

High demand

With the increasing importance of software quality, the demand for QA Automation professionals is on the rise.

Career growth opportunities

QA Automation professionals can progress to management or team lead roles, or focus on specific areas such as test automation, performance testing, and security testing.

Packing Constant learning

Technology is constantly evolving, meaning there are always new tools and techniques to learn in QA Automation.

Variety of industries

QA Automation professionals can work in a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, and e-commerce.


Many companies offer remote or flexible working options for QA Automation professionals.

What is Automated Testing?

Automation testing is the process of using specialized software tools and scripts to automatically execute test cases and check the functionality of a software application or product.

It is often used for regression testing, where the same tests are run multiple times to ensure the software continues to function correctly after changes have been made.

It is performed to verify that the software works as per the requirement and meets the business and technical requirements.

Automation testing requires specialized skills and knowledge to set up and maintain the test automation environment and scripts.

Automation testing allows for the execution of a large number of test cases in a short period of time.

It is also used to improve test efficiency, reduce costs and ensure the highest levels of software quality.

What is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is the process of manually testing a software application or product to identify bugs, errors or defects

This type of testing includes functionality testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, and regression testing.

It is carried out by human testers, who manually execute test cases and compare the results with the expected outcome.

Manual testing allows for flexibility in terms of test design and execution, and it is well-suited for exploratory testing.

Manual testing is performed to verify that the software works as per the requirement and meets the business and technical requirements.

It is usually performed in combination with automated testing to ensure comprehensive coverage of all scenarios.

How Do You Become QA Automation Engineer?


Learn the Skills

QA Automation is a skills game. Just got to learn the popular tools in the industry. Like a Python, Selenium, Docker and build tools like Jenkins or GitLab. Enroll in a Bootcamp that will teach everything including hands on experience, or learn individual tools with individual courses.



Automation (Programming) is just like a sport. Since it is a skills game, practice is the only way to build skills. Practice then practice and then practice some more. Work on projects that are directly related to types of project you will face at the job.

Look for training or courses that offer hands-on practice with realistic projects like the Bootcamp from


Get The Job

Again it is a skills game. So if you have the skills you will get a job. You have to have the actual skill, its not just about getting the job but about doing well at the job.

Keep practicing until your skills are solid and keep learning more tools.

6 month of practice will qualify you for jobs that require 1 year of experience (which are plenty).

Practice, practice & practice some more.

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The QA Automation Bootcamp will teach you the skills you need and will offer you hands-on experience working on realistic projects

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