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Two ways to ask questions.

You can ask on slack, someone (student or instructor) might be online and might be able to help.

You can post here, where the instructor or any student can reply whenver possible. It is good to post here because you will have historical data. You can search for prevous quesitons. If you have errors most likely someon has asked therm before.

Create E-Commerce Site Locally to Practice QA Automation


This is a short course teaching you how you can install and run an E-Commerce site on your own computer. You will be able to install and run a full fledged E-Commerce site on your computer where you can practice writing Selenium WebDriver (frontend) or backend api testing.

You will have access to a REST API and MySQL database. You should be able to write any tests you would in your QA Automation job.

If you area learning Selenium WebDriver, Robot Framework, BDD Testing …. and such, having your own site to practice will be a lot of help.

We have full courses related to Selenium WebDriver, Robot Framework, BDD Testing using Python language, and we use these site to practice the concepts we teach.

What You Will Learn:

  • Create E-Commerce site on local computer
  • Write backend test automation on you own site
  • Write frontend (Selenium WebDriver) test automation on you own site
  • Connect to the site’s database
  • Test WooCommerce API to write automation code
  • Install WordPress and plugin